Overlord is a brand woven on the loom of History. It is a pieced work of true stories, sewed together into a larger design,a larger vision of fashion and authenticity.

Inspired by the people we met and the vintage clothes we collected for over 20 years, we began adapting military and work uniforms to create original, personalized clothes.

Upcycling without replicating, we reinvent streetwear trends in their coolest expression : the street heritage style.

We select only natural and high quality fabrics and colors. We use authentic army and workwear materials. We choose to collaborate only with amazing, passionate craftsmen and small workshops we trust.

We believe in hand-crafted, true-hearted and meaningful clothing.Only in this way can we design unique garments that make people feel special. Reliable and consistent clothes that get better with wear. Affordable garments that can be kept and loved for a long time, even a lifetime.

To us, obsolescence is nonsense.

So we pay tribute to the past and honor the present by delivering timeless but forward-looking collections : basics and essential clothing revisited, one of a kind rebuilt pieces and patchworks, a beautiful organic cotton range, luggage...

Overlord has not been created to change History but to make its legacy live in the future. We aim to release people from fast fashion, disposable clothing, useless standards.

To do so, we don’t need to build an army with elitist rules, simply a wide-open community sharing our values.

So join us now. Join the reconquest. Welcome to a new fashion history.